3 Easy Steps to Make A SCARY Halloween Unicorn Pumpkin

Unicorn Halloween Pumpkin

I’m sure you’ve seen the amazingly popular Unicorn Cake Topper & Unicorn Cupcakes for unicorn-themed parties, am I right?

With Halloween around the corner – we thought to spice it up with this SCARY Unicorn Halloween Pumpkin!

Want to know how you can make this scary Unicorn Halloween Pumpkin super fast & easy, too?

Read on!


  Total time: 30 min




Step 1: Paint your Pumpkin white

First, cut the steel of your pumpkin with a sharp knife. The top part of the pumpkin should be flat.

Next, we recommend using an outside area covered in (news)paper to paint your pumpkin white.

Leave it to dry for a couple of hours.


Step 2: Attach your La La Unicorn Cake Topper & Eyelashes

Once your pumpkin is dry, you can easily attach the unicorn topper and eyelashes from your La La Unicorn Halloween Pumpkin & Cupcake Decorations in a matter of seconds!

Isn’t (s)he just darn’ cute?!



Step 3: Finish your SCARY Unicorn Halloween Pumpkin

I know we don’t love to mess with this adorable unicorn… but that’s what Halloween is about!

Place the knife (okay… we can’t watch this… please do it gently!) in the pumpkin. Draw drips of blood around the knife, the eyes, or wherever you like, for a SUPER SCARY Unicorn Halloween Pumpkin.



And voilá! You’re ready to WOW everyone with  your adorable,
but SCARY, Unicorn Halloween Pumpkin!


Halloween Unicorn Pumpkin6


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Marco Gouwreply
October 2, 2018 at 4:34 pm

The kids loved it!!! And they enjoyed making it themselves….with a little help 😊

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