Welcome to the La La Unicorn Pin the horn on the unicorn page! Here’s you’ll find all kinds of fun unicorn party games just bursting with fun. We have pin the tail on the unicorn party games and more. If you’re throwing a unicorn themed birthday party, be sure to check our our unicorn party supplies pages too.

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Pin the horn on the unicorn party games

Pin the tail games and especially pin unicorn games bring any part to life! Our pin the horn on the unicorn game comes with double the fun, we’ve added extra tails and horns (40 to be exact!) to keep your kids playing for even longer.

We’re always looking for new ideas to make our unicorn games fun, if you have a suggestion for a game like our pin the horn on the unicorn posters, we would love to hear from you 🙂 love our unicorn birthday products? Be sure to check our the rest of the La La Unicorn store to make your birthday celebrations complete

About La La Unicorn

Did you know, unicorns are real! Each and everyone of our loyal customers are unique unicorns, we couldn’t do this without them 🙂 So welcome to the center of the unicorn universe! As Unicorn lovers, we got into this business for the love of unicorns and all things unicorn party related and from there we grew and grew!

We hope we can make your unicorn bday a special day, we hope you love our pin the tail on the unicorn party games and more.